Aquatic Robotics: ROVs Take Center Stage at International SeaPerch Challenge
June 19, 2024
Naval STEM News
ARLINGTON, Va – Eight years ago, as a high school student, Bryson Potts competed in a SeaPerch competition, helping to design an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV). He enjoyed the experience so much that he pursued a career in science, becoming a mechanical engineer at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City Division in Florida.

Today, Potts gives back by volunteering as a mentor at SeaPerch events: “SeaPerch was my introduction into STEM and pushed me to engineering, so I really appreciate the Navy allowing me to volunteer and help grow SeaPerch to give more students that same opportunity. A highlight each year is working [ROV] triage and seeing the ingenuity and creativity of the students fixing problems that arise. This reinforces that programs such as SeaPerch help foster the future of STEM.”


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