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AEF Award Icon (sml)Albert Einstein Fellowship pThe Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship (AEF) Program provides a unique opportunity for accomplished K-12 educators in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to serve in the national education arena.
DoD SMART SEED Grant Icon (sml)DoD SMART SEED Grant pThe SEED program competitively awards research grants up to $100K per year for up to a maximum of three years to help support promising SMART scholars establish a foundational research / engineering effort in their area of expertise as they transition from the pursuit of their Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) to an active Department of Defense (DoD) professional.
DoDDoD STEM Ambassador pThe DoD STEM Ambassador Program recognizes outstanding educators and promotes STEM learning across the nation.
SMART Scholar & Mentor of the Year Icon (sml)SMART Scholar & Mentor of the Year pThis award recognizes SMART scholar and mentor pairs who demonstrate exemplary achievements during the pursuit of their SMART-sponsored degree.
STEM Advocate of the Quarter Icon (sml)STEM Advocate of the Quarter pThis award recognizes outstanding STEM education and outreach efforts that help to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders while furthering the mission of the Department of Defense.


Albert Einstein Fellowship


DoD STEM Ambassador

SMART Scholar & Mentor of the Year

STEM Advocate of the Quarter

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