Naval STEM Careers

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Naval STEM civilian and military personnel work across a wide range of career pathways throughout the STEM fields, including biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, engineering, mathematics, robotics, computer science, and more. Explore the different types of STEM careers here and see what kind of opportunities might ignite your curiosity!

Did you know that the people who work for the Department of the Navy who do not serve in the military are called “civilians”? Many civilians serve in their roles as innovators and problem-solvers of real-world challenges.

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Computer Science
Environmental Science

Are you interested in Biology?

Biology is the study of living things. It helps us understand the natural world and the ways its many species function and interact with each other and their environment. Scientists in this diverse field work to protect the natural world and improve quality of life through advances in medicine, agriculture, biotechnology and so much more.

STEM Biology Student

Types of Careers in Biology


Biofuel Engineer

Biological Scientist


Biomedical Engineer

Biotechnology Engineer

Cellular Biologist

Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Computational Biologist


Environmental Scientist

Forestry Technician


Marine Biologist

Materials Scientist

Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical doctor


Molecular Biologist

Natural Resources Specialist


Optical Laboratory Specialist


Physical Scientist



Plus Many More!

Are you interested in Chemistry?

Chemistry is the science of what everything in the universe is made up of—matter—and what happens when it interacts, combines, and changes. Studying chemistry helps us understand the world we live in and solve important problems, from environmental issues to treatment of diseases
STEM Biology Student

Types of Careers in Chemistry

Analytical Chemist


Chemical Defense Scientist

Chemical Engineer

Chemical Laboratory Scientist


Food Scientist

Forensic Scientist


Hazardous Waste Chemist

Materials Scientist


Nuclear Chemist


Physical Chemist

Research Chemist


Water Chemist

Plus Many More!

Are you interested in Computer Science?

Computer science blends science, technology, engineering, and math. It is about learning how computers and programs work, how they can be used to solve different types of problems, and how to develop new ways to use technology. Across the vast field of computer science, opportunities are rapidly growing to advance areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, cloud computing, cybersecurity and much more.

STEM Biology Student

Types of Careers in Computer Science

5G Network Engineer

Air Defense Management

Artificial Intelligence Engineer or Researcher

Automation Programmer



Cable Systems Installer or Maintainer

Combat Documentation or Production Specialist

Computer and Information Systems

Computer Network Architect

Computer or Information Research Scientist

Computer or Detection Systems Repairer

Computer Scientist

Computer Support Technician

Cryptologic Cyberspace Intelligence Analyst

Cyber Network Defender

Cyber Operations Specialist

Cyber System Engineer

Cyber Warfare Technician

Cybersecurity Specialist

Directed Energy Systems Engineer

Electronic Warfare Specialist

Geospatial Intelligence Imagery Analyst

Information Security Analyst

Information Technology Specialist

Intelligence Specialist

Machine Learning Scientist

Nodal Network Systems Operator-Maintainer

Satellite Communication Systems

Technical Writer

Watercraft Operator

Web Developer

Plus Many More!

Are you interested in Cyber?

Cyber is the encompassing field of all things related to computers and networks, and how they can be used to develop and maintain technology. As cyber is focused on the internet, the field must overcome significant security challenges. Being able to maintain security in cyberspace is critical to protecting computer systems and networks, devices, and data from cyber threats. These threats can cause significant problems for all organizations, from local governments, federal agencies, including the Navy, as well as companies across all industries, and our national security overall. The field of cyber is vast, with potential leap-ahead technologies just around every corner, including advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and remote command of machines.

STEM Biology Student

Types of Careers in Cyber

Chief Information Officer

Computer Systems Analyst

Cyber Threat Analyst

Cyber Network Defender

Cyber Operations Specialist

Cyber Security Trainer

Cyber System Engineer

Cyber Warfare Technician


Data Forensic Computer Analyst

Ethical Hacker

Incident Analyst Responder

Forensics Expert

Incident Responder

Information Assurance Developer

Information Systems Security Engineer

Information Security Specialist

IT Director

IT Auditor

IT Support Specialist

Intelligence Analyst

Lawyer or Legal Advisor

Network Security Analyst

Penetration Tester

Policy Analyst

Security Administrator

Security Analyst

Security Architect

Security Auditor

Security Consultant

Security Engineer

Security Software Developer

Software Developer

System Administrator

Systems Engineer

Systems Security Architect

Vulnerability Assessor

Plus Many More!

Are you interested in Engineering?

Engineers use science and math to design and build solutions to complex problems. These can range from small things, like rotating the screen of a phone when it’s turned sideways, to large things, like making airplanes more fuel efficient. With more than 100,000 military and civilian engineers, the Department of Defense is the largest employer of engineers worldwide.

STEM Biology Student

Types of Careers in Engineering

Aerospace Engineer

Agricultural Engineer

Alternative Energy Engineer

Architectural Engineer

Automotive Engineer


Biofuels engineer

Biomechanical Engineer

Biomedical Engineer

Ceramics Engineer

Chemical Engineer

Civil Engineer

Computer Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Environmental Engineer

Geological Engineer

Geomatics Engineer

Health and Safety Engineer

Industrial Engineer

Manufacturing Engineer

Marine Engineer

Materials Research Engineer

Materials Science Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Mechatronics Engineer

Microelectronic Engineer

Mining Engineer

Nanotechnology Engineer

Nuclear Engineer

Optical Engineer

Paper Engineer

Petroleum Engineer

Photonics Engineer

Robotics Engineer

Software Engineer

Structural Engineer

Sustainability Engineer

System Safety Engineer

Systems Engineer

Plus Many More!

Are you interested in Environmental Science?

Environmental science brings together physical, biological and information sciences to understand and solve environmental issues. Many environmental scientists focus on regulations that protect people’s health, like ensuring the air is clean to breath and the water is safe to drink. Other environmental scientists focus on minimizing human impact on ecosystems, like climate scientists and conservationists.

STEM Biology Student

Types of Careers in Environmental Science

Atmospheric Scientist


Biological Scientist


Civil Engineer

Coastal Engineer


Environmental Consultant

Environmental Health and Safety Manager

Environmental Protection Specialist

Environmental Scientist



Geospatial Technologist

GIS Analyst


Industrial Hygienist

Marine Biologist

Meteorological Specialist

Natural Sciences Manager


Physical Scientist

Rangeland Manager

Scientific Diver

Wetlands Scientist

Wildlife Conservationist

Plus Many More!

Are you interested in Mathematics?

Mathematics is the study of numbers, shapes, and patterns and how they relate to the world. Mathematics can be studied on its own, or it can be applied to other disciplines, like physics, engineering, and computer science. Students and experts in this field are called “mathematicians,” and they use mathematical theory and computational techniques to solve scientific, technological, engineering, and economic problems.

STEM Biology Student

Types of Careers in Mathematics



Application Developer



Computer Programmer


Data Analyst

Data Scientist

Data Systems Specialist



Financial Analyst

Intelligence Analyst

Market Researcher



Operations Research


Risk Analyst

Software Developer


Systems Analyst

Theoretical Mathematician

Unit Supply Specialist

Plus Many More!

Are you interested in Physics?

Physics is a natural science whose goal is to understand how everything in the universe behaves. It is the study of the relationships of objects, both big and small, and helps us understand energy, gravity and the way things move. Physics provides the foundation for other sciences and has led to great discoveries and technological feats like computers, lasers, and sustainable energy solutions.

STEM Biology Student

Types of Careers in Physics

Accelerator Operator

Acoustic Physicist

Aerospace Systems Engineer



Atomic Physicist


Chemical Physicist

Computational Scientist


Data Analyst

Data Scientist

Design Engineer

Electro-Optic Engineer

High-Density Research Physicist

Infrared Sensor Engineer

Laser Engineer

Materials Scientist

Mathematical Physicist

Medical Physicist


Molecular Physicist

Nanotechnology Research Physicist

National Science Manager

Nuclear Physicist

Optical Engineer or Physicist

Particle Physicist

Plasma Physicist

Process Engineer

Quantitative Research Analyst

Quantum Scientist

Software Developer

Solar Physicist

Space Operations Specialist

Systems Analyst

Technical Specialist

Technical Writer

Plus Many More!

Are you interested in Robotics ?

Robotics combines engineering, science, and art to design human-centered tools that improve daily tasks and processes. Focus areas like autonomous systems, industrial engineering, space exploration, health care and transportation are providing opportunities to push the limits of what we know as impossible today.

STEM Biology Student

Types of Careers in Robotics

Aerospace Engineer

Animatronics Engineer

Autonomous Systems Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Electronics Engineer

Flexible Robotics Engineer

Mechatronics Engineer

Robotic Process Automation Developer

Robotics Developer

Robotics Engineer

Robotics Programmer

Robotics Scientist

Robotics Software Engineer

Robotics Technician

Robotics Technologist

Robotics Tester

Unmanned Vehicle Operations Specialist

Plus Many More!

Are you interested in Space?

The space domain is rapidly evolving as new technology and innovation advance scientific discovery and create new challenges for national security. The Department of Navy invests in space technology to maintain our nation's edge in space capabilities, protect freedom to access space, and ensure national security. These efforts require many different roles in the fields of technology, science, aerospace, engineering and more.
STEM Biology Student

Types of Careers in Space Technology

Aerospace Engineer

Application Software Engineer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Designer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programmer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Researcher

Assembly Engineer

Assembly Technician




Atmospheric Scientist

Automation Engineer

Aviation Fuels Chemist

Avionics Technician

Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer Systems Programmer

Developmental Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Electronics Engineer

Fusion Analyst

Geospatial Engineer

Intelligence Analyst

Machine Learning Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Meteorological Technician


Plasma Physicist

Signals Intelligence Analyst

Space Systems Operator

Telecommunications Engineer

Plus Many More!

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