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The Cyber Forensics Lab is comprised of two main specialties. Data recovery and forensics examination. These capabilities create an environment where NIWC Atlantic can support critical forensics needs. The mission is to rapidly deliver and support cyber forensic solutions for our naval, joint, national and coalition warfighters through superior forensics knowledge and expertise.

This video features the many capabilities of the Electromagnetic Interference and Capability Testing Lab at NIWC Atlantic. These valuable labs ensure equipment can handle multiple levels of electromagnetic stress so it never fails to perform for the warfighter.

The Electronic Security Systems (ESS) lab at NIWC Atlantic in Charleston, SC has an array of capabilities that protect Marine Corps physical assets worldwide! This video explains how NIWC scientists and engineers are able to complete integration and testing of new IP-based camera sensors and video management systems. With a particular emphasis on outdoor cameras and video analytics.

This video features the two impressive projects from the Embedded Systems Lab at NIWC Atlantic in Charleston, SC. The projects focus on leveraging novel power management and networking techniques to give the United States military a tactical edge.

NIWC Atlantic’s Expeditionary Systems Integration and Innovation Center (ESIIC) Bay boasts more than 36,000 sq. ft. of interconnected lab space. This video shows how engineers and scientists within the Expeditionary Warfare Department use the space, to advance technical focus areas and provide information warfare solutions to the warfighter!

This video features the many capabilities of the Industrial Control Systems Lab at NIWC Atlantic in Charleston, SC. The lab helps the warfighter by rapidly configuring and testing new ICS components and technologies in an environment that reduces risk before deployment. While developing and maintaining cybersecurity requirements.

The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division at Lakehurst’s mission is to design, develop, test, and field capabilities for our Navy and Marine Corps team to launch and recover every Naval Aviation platform safely. Learn how we help the fleet with launch, recovery, maintenance, as well as science and technology.

This video features the many capabilities of the On Demand Manufacturing Lab at NIWC Atlantic in Charleston, SC. This lab can research and design a variety of tools and parts for the command and industry partners. Then create prototypes, and support low rate initial production at NIWC Atlantic.

This video features the Propulsion Systems Evaluation Facility (PSEF) at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division in Patuxent River, MD.  At this facility, they test and evaluate Naval Aviation Propulsion systems in 55 unique test and support areas to provide quick and effective solutions for the U.S. Navy.  See the Hush House, Rotor Spin Facility, Helicopter Drive Systems Facility or HEDS, and Large and Small Engine Test Area, including drones.  PSEF is where engineering is executed and solutions are found.

This video features the many capabilities of the Secure Analytics as a Service Environment at NIWC Atlantic in Charleston, SC. This is a very valuable service that allows scientists and developers to discover patterns and create algorithms from collected data.

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